Inlay, Tag production machinery

Various RFID production machinery types are lined up, Ultra high speed type (attachment speed :10pcs/per second), label conversion integrated type, basic type, source tagging type and so on.
we accept to customize them on demands.

And the RFID

Hallys products and sales IC strap attachment machinery.
We do RFID business totally, such as production HALLYS original brand Inlay with our own machinery, sale RFID products, and supply RFID solution.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is an automatic non-contact identification method, relying on storing ID data In information media with radio technique.

IC chip and Antenna consists of Inlay, and Inlay is incorporated inside of Information media.Inlay becomes IC card with card lamination and IC label with adhesive papers.
Recently, RFID is widely used in traffic card, passport and so on, it becomes much familiar with our life.

Deference by band of frequencies

The relation between “RFID” and “information media”